Magna Wipe - Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Magna Wipe - Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Magna Wipe - Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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Clean your outside windows from inside. Don't have to go outside or dangle through the window.


No need to put yourself in danger to clean hard to reach windows.  Magna Wipe - Magnetic Window Cleaner is the new and only safe way to wash and clean the outside of windows that are wider than your arm length. A perfect window cleaner that is easy to use and clean. Soft material in the cleaning part that will not leave the trace or scrape on your window. Now you can clean the outside of your windows while staying in your room!



Strong absorption force that is effective for double glazed windows. Double-Sided design with a strong magnetic feature that is safe and convenient to useThe powerful internal magnets lock the two cleaning sides together when you move one side, the other one follows. A new and improved way in cleaning window that is high and dangerous to touch the glass! Stay safe while cleaning your window glass with our premium quality window cleaner.


  • Unique design - double-sided design with a strong magnetic feature
  • Strong adsorption force - effective for single-layered and double layered glass windows depending on your choice of size
  • High-quality - high-quality ABS material, natural latex, and strong magnet
  • Wide usage - can be used to clean window, car glass, shower screens, mirror and tiles
  • Triangular design that can easily wipe the corners
  • With built-in water storage sponge
  • Easy to clean and use



Small (3-8 mm) - suitable for 3-8 mm single-layered glass

Medium (8-15 mm) - suitable for 8-15 mm single-layered glass

Large (15-26 mm) -  suitable for 15-26 mm double-layered glass




Material: High-quality ABS material, natural latex, and strong magnet

Package includes: 1 x Magnetic window cleaner Kit

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